Making any decision is hard. Period. This is because making decisions- especially big ones – have the potential to be “wrong” and as human beings we don’t like being wrong. However, decisions one way or the other, are usually not all wrong or all right.
The first lesson in decision-making is perhaps the hardest and requires vulnerability (for example – examining our blind spots): the reality is that in a lifetime individuals will make thousands of decisions, many of which will turn out poorly. In fact, some of them may even be catastrophic. However, this fact must not stop us from making decisions. It must allow us to do so with absolute freedom, knowing that the worst possible decision is to take no decision at all.
The hardest decisions are always the most necessary. However, as leaders in our own spheres we often avoid taking tough decisions and this leads to anxiety, conflict and a lack of productivity. The golden rule is that if the decision is tough, take it!


Remember these tips when navigating the waters of decision making: Firstly, ASSESS all the available facts and information before making the decision. This is a process and may require space and time for clear thought. However, this is often not enough. Sometimes we don’t have all the information we need. Or perhaps we have all the information but we still feel unsure, afraid and stuck. In these situations, it is always a good idea to ASK someone you trust and respect. This could be a good friend, a colleague or a family member. This can feel daunting, but it will help to get clarity, enable you to see a new perspective or simply give you the courage and support necessary to act on your decisions.

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