Following on from last month’s post on leadership delegation and empowering your employees, enabling your leadership delegation partners means more than encouraging or even inspiring them. These are elements of it, but it speaks to the concept of coaching. think about when a coach coaches an athlete, he or she is delegating the job to the athlete. It wouldn’t help if the coach got frustrated and yelled: “Oh let me play the game for you!” Coaching is about providing skills and direction and allowing people the space to try, to fail, to correct and to improve. This takes time and has obvious frustrations, but it is the only way to grow people and businesses.

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent

With these words,legendary English poet John Donne reminds us of our inter-connectedness. Without your support, I am doomed to fail. Without my support you are headed for the same fate. When I delegate something to you it is not enough to hand over the task and walk away. In fact, it is not even enough to partner with and enable you when I am delegating to you. I must then support you throughout the process. What does this mean? I need to coach you as you go. I do this by asking you good questions that cause you to feel supported and safe. Questions might include.

“How are you managing with the assignment?”

“Are you battling with any areas?

“Can I help clarify what we should be doing to complete the assignment well?”

“Would you like me to run over what is required?

It is also important that I make you feel safe to ask me questions. That way our coach-coachee relationship is a two-way street of support and leadership delegation is successful

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