This week we take a closer look at how to practically go about making those tough decisions. You can read the first part of making these tough decisions here. Once you have assessed the facts and information, and asked a trusted colleague or friend to get clarity, now it is time to ACT.

For many this can be almost impossibly difficult. Nike came up with a famous ad campaign speaking to this very problem and “Just do It” has become a life mantra for many. Place trust in the process that leads to action. Then take a deep breath and go for it, remembering that the worst decision to take is not to take a decision at all.

Having taken the decision, assume full accountability for the outcome. Think about the following when faced with a difficult decision:

  1. What is the decision – really?
  2. What position am I taking? Victim or Creator?
  3. Why is it so difficult for me to make the decision?
  4. What is the worst thing that can happen?
  5. What can I potentially gain from this? 

Think about a tough decision you are putting off making. Now think about the following:

  1. What would be the value of asking for help to make the decision?
  2. How would you feel engaging someone on the decision?
  3. Who would be the best person to ask in this situation?

We all have hundreds of decisions to make daily. Some are tougher than others. To help you with this process, move all your tough decisions/actions to the top of your “To Do” list and do them first thing in the day. By doing this, you don’t let the stresses of the day cloud your decision-making. Also, it means the monkey is off your back. What a relief!

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